Essay about What An Equity School Leader Is Not

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The first emerging theme that has been appearing from the data has been developing a picture of what an equity school leader is. The participant in this paper demonstrate a commitment to the children they are in charge of educating. In a sense, by analyzing what an equity leader does I have identified three attributes that an equity leader IS not. Consequently, an equity school leader IS not: (1) going to stand down, (2) going to ignore that some students are not successful, and (3) going to choose adults over students (when challenging inequities). It became clear that equity leaders, in order to educate all students, would require them to challenge institutional and human practices that impede the learning for marginalize students. Equity leaders were willing to not going to sit still and allow inequities to continue to marginalize students. Thus, equity leaders were willing to fight for their students. The following question and response by Dr. Grant helps make the point of what it takes to be an equity leader.

Flores: From your own experience in working towards equity, what advice would you offer principals who desire to work towards equity?

Dr. Grant: If you desire to work towards equity, you are going to have to fight for your own kids . . . you can’t fight for equity and be status quo and just go along with what they are asking you to do. If you’re going to fight for equity you got to do whatever it takes to help your kids achieve. And I guarantee you most…

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