What Adults Should Do On Stop Bullying Essay examples

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III. What adults should do on stop bullying
a. Parents There are certainly things that adults can do on helping children who are involved in bullying. Parents, as the first position caregivers, are always in the most significant place on educating children. A study conducted by Henry et al. (2014) found that meaning in life plays an important role on mediating and moderating bulling victims’ suicidal ideation. As a mediator, meaning in life tells why victims want to kill themselves. As a moderator, it acts as a buffer when victims want to suicide. Therefore, parents should let their children know that their life is important to others. Also let them know their parents love them. As long as these victim children know that they are not useless and waste, they are less likely to generate the idea of suicide. It is parents’ job on building the children’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem. These feelings can be built through both languages and actions. Parents can hug their children and tell them that they love them. Only when bulling casualties truly understand the importance of their life, they are less likely to committed suicide in some point of their lives. Besides physically bullying, with the growing use of technology, cyberbullying is another form of bullying that parents should also be aware of. Notifying children on potential cyber risks is one of the significant jobs for parents. However, for some children, they would rather be suffering from the Internet…

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