Weber 's Views On Religion Had A Great Impact On The Economic Structure Of A Society

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Weber’s views on religion had a great impact on the economic structure of a society. Weber begins with an analysis about the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. The spirit of capitalism is said to be inter-related orientations that were widely shared between different religious groups. Throughout the years capitalism started to evolve and the values and ideas acted as a forerunner for material development. The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism was a great contribution to sociology. The differences in religions between the Protestants and the Catholics were pretty similar but differed in inner qualities. The Protestants were highly educated and were economically inclined when it came to their occupations. Since they were wealthier they and they could receive the better education religion wasn’t the key associating factor. The Catholics divided when it came to the socio economic world as well as the rewards that come with it. Max took the two religions and looked at them in a different light instead of taking what would have normally been preached in the church. Weber uses excerpts from Benjamin Franklin who lectures, to further explain the spirit of capitalism. That it is the spirit of capitalism which expresses in distinctive light, nobody will question, however little we might wish to claim that everything which could be comprehended as relating to that spirit is contained in it. Max used the quotes as a people for people to follow…

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