Weber 's Theory : Max Weber Essay

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Katia Gonzalez
SOC 302
S. Johnston
November 21, 2016

Weber’s Theory

Max Weber was a German sociologist and philosopher, who was known to be one amongst the three founding fathers of Sociology. Weber’s main focus was not to understand what we do but instead why we do them. “Verstehen” was German for understanding, which refers to comprehending the reasons someone has for their actions but also understanding their point of view, in other words, putting oneself in the shoes of another individual (Hughes,p. 91). He believed it was important to understand the purpose and reason behind one’s actions. One of Weber’s main themes was to understand the process of rationalization and how it has had an effect on capitalism and the way our world is today. Rationalization refers to the process of replacing the current values and traditions of a society with thoughts and actions that are more rational. Weber demonstrates rationalization through his most famous work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Calvinist rationalized their religious practices and by that shifted the structure of our society.
Karl Marx believed that economy was what determined all other aspects of society. Although Weber did not deny that economy was important, he disagreed with the other sociologist. Max Weber believed that economic determinism didn’t explain everything. He argued that economic forms could come from ideas, which is what we see in the PESC book. He studied Calvinist and focused on…

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