Weber And Calvinism

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The Contribution of ‘the Protestant Ethic’ as Attributed to Weber’s Theories of Rationalisation

The irresistible pull of rationalisation in the infant stages of modernity that coincided with the success of the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, were pre-eminent social and economic changes that undoubtedly presented the need for society to cultivate the values of calculation and control that were cornerstones of the ‘Protestant ethic’. The work ethic of Calvinism, as argued by Max Weber (1864-1920) , was integral in the transition to the coherent systemisation of labour by which it was asserted was one of few demonstrable acts of true devotion to prove with unequivocal certainty, a promise of salvation. This essay purports
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This is commonly in favour of a unified materialistic aspiration which serves a more useful purpose in the interests of a modern individualistic world. According to Poggi (1984), although Weber ostensibly asserts that human nature entails a fundamental need for acquisition through internalisation of capitalist values and striving for economic prosperity, it is neither natural nor should it be embraced

Modernity and Protestant ethic
The idea of modernity was conceived as a product of increasing knowledge, the presupposition of rational action requiring knowledge reflected in the circumstances and credible consequences in which actions are embedded. The aspiration towards an interconnectedness, exacerbated by logic and system, is underpinned by the conceivable knowledge brought upon by rational action (Kim, 2012).

Disenchantment and Protestant Ethic
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Weber maintains that while the social construct of modern society has largely been dominated by bureaucracy, it is ultimately indispensable in its role in regulating the unavoidable complexities of modern life (Hyden et al, 2004). Best et al. (1997) channels a distinctly Weber-like tone upon which bureaucracy is criticised as undermining human nature and an actor in consciously eradicating human

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