Inequality In America Research Paper

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Inequality in America has been an issue in the past. In relation, wealth gaps have become a serious issue to be combatted for the sake of any country’s economic continuation. This issue can be elusive at times as it seems the national economy is stable and good to its people; however, it can be a very tough time for anyone not at the very top of the gap. The best solution to end the wealth gap would be to increase subsidies to businesses set on helping the solution of ending this gap in wealth. The distribution of wealth has always been uneven in the hands of the people. As Tobias Lanz stated in his book, Beyond Capitalism & Socialism: A New Statement of an Old Ideal: A Twenty-First Century Apologia for Social and Economic Sanity, money isn’t everything; it simply helps us to the end of our lives, but it should not be at the basis of our every action. Although, this may not be the case in every circumstance. Money really does ease the way and make it easier for people, which is why offering subsidies to businesses that wish to help the people is the best solution. It will ease the way for businesses who wish to help eradicate this issue. This solution does require a government that is willing to intervene for the betterment of its people, though. For instance, Venezuela has installed a government of the likes (Burbach, 64). In this …show more content…
Whether they like the old ways, or they simply dislike change, it might not be a smooth transition. Some would argue that upsetting the people is hardly worth the transition. Although, if the people were not already upset, there would be no need for this new situation of subsidies. It could also be said that changing the way of an economic system connected to a type of government could cause uproar. Once again, if the change was not needed, if the people were happy, then this would not be needed as a solution to the wealth

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