Essay about We Need For Giving Aid

1395 Words Feb 21st, 2016 null Page
When we think of giving aid, most of our underlying intentions are to help people by giving them resources that would help improved the current situation. But what really happens when we give aid is that it just temporarily relief the problem instead of providing resources to help improve development for the people. I think most of the time when we are donating clothes and giving money to help a country in need, we think we are actually helping to improve and we assume that we are making it better for them. But in reality, we need to step back and look at the consequences of our doing, look at it as a human being and stepping away from economic gains.
It seems that often when developing countries bring in their companies and businesses into a low-income country with the intention of maybe stirring up their economy, such as Kenya, they often don’t express their concern with the consequences of their economic presence in the country. Many may even think that they are contributing to an economic development, but in reality, they are the one who truly benefit from the economic resource. A great example of this is expressed in a documentary teaser called “Good Fortune” where Old Dominion comes into Kenya and believe they are helping the people there by building a dam that instead, floods the land of the farmers who live there (Good Fortune). This showcase the problem with the invasion of western companies and how their intention does not match up with the intention of the…

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