We Must Quit Or Limit Air Pollution Essay

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A solution to reversing ocean acidification is to simply quit or limit air pollution. This idea may be very simple, but requires great efforts because some developed countries have become so dependent on the combustion of hydrocarbons as an energy source. By limiting pollution such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide, acids would not be able to form within the atmosphere to create acidic solutions. The cut-off of air pollution would also solve other environmental problems. The solution seems to be to turn to renewable sources quickly to avoid further ocean acidification.
If pollution were limited and no actions were taken to neutralize ocean acidification the ocean would be able to neutralize itself over a long time period. The ocean would do this by “upwelling” carbonate ions from sediment layers. In turn, the carbonate ions would reduce the concentration of protons in the water by producing more bicarbonate, making the solution less acidic. Unfortunately, intense ocean acidification over a relatively short time period has overstimulated the carbonate ions and will require time for protons to be readily absorbed. This process will also take a long time because the acidic water is close to the surface while the sediment layers (the source of carbonate ions) are at the bottom of the ocean.
Nature’s Natural Defenses
Nature has developed a defense mechanism against the formation of too many similar ions within a solution. The mechanism is known as the…

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