Was The Liberal Media Illiberal With Reagan? Essay

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Was the Liberal Media Illiberal With Reagan?
The 1980’s were a time of fear in the United States. The Cold War was just as warm as ever, despite the Space Race wrapping up. The “Evil Empire,” the USSR, had invaded Afghanistan. The disaster at Chernobyl brought out the flaws in nuclear power. The Vietnam War was fresh in everyone’s minds, Iran stood as a new power in the Middle East, Communism and the Red Scare permeated every aspect of life in the Americas. Watergate had only just blown over. The internet was being developed, and television was continuing to gain popularity. News Media was very popular, newspapers, magazines, the 24 hour news cycle, radio, television, it was everywhere. Everything was starting to become public knowledge. During this time of intense media activity, the President, Ronald Reagan, had work to do.
The country was in a serious recession in the late 1970’s, energy prices soared, the currency was inflating at a high rate, and unemployment was fast becoming a problem. His conservative domestic policy was focused on lowering taxes, balancing the federal budget, decreasing the amount of government sponsored social welfare, and giving some federal powers to the state governments. Reagan believed that if the US could accomplish these goals, the federal government could both save billions of dollars and climb the country out of the economic recession. So-called Reaganomics, he believed, were the country’s way forward.
Reagan had one goal, with regard to…

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