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For this research paper, I will concentrate on the happenings of the War of the Roses in 1455-1487. The War of the Roses commences as Henry VI’s mental health begins to deteriorate. Due to King Henry VI’s indisposition and consequent weak rule, Richard, Duke of York acquired an interest in seizing the English throne for himself. Opposing the York house was Henry Tudor of Lancaster. Throughout the bout of the War of the Roses, Sun Tzu’s philosophies dictated in his book, “The Art of War,” were incorporated in regards to spy work and espionage. Using Sun Tzu’s works, I will show similarities and try to effectively argue that the War of the Roses took a page out of Sun Tzu’s playbook.
The prominent House of Lancaster was established
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Albans on May 22, 1455. This skirmish was fought in small numbers: approximately 3,000 men on the York’s side and 2,500 men on the Lancastrian side. Richard, Duke of York led his army of 3,000 men on a march towards London. Henry VI’s forces tried to intercept the Yorkist’s in the town of St. Albans. With the willing townsfolk volunteers and Henry VI’s men, they set up small defensive barricades to prevent the opposing army from advancing. While Henry VI tried to negotiate, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick charged the barricades and successfully broke through the Lancastrian ranks. Within two hours, St. Albans had been taken over. Casualties were ranging in the 300’s and King Henry VI was wounded by an arrow to the neck. As a result of the takeover, Queen Margaret of Anjou Henry VI’s wife is forced to care for her wounded husband and Richard, Duke of York takes over as “Lord Protector of …show more content…
It may have started accidently with a peasant boy giving information to someone of a higher rank. Compared to modern day spies, the change is drastic. Spies these days are spies by profession. They change and conceal their real lives to play a part and gather intelligence. In today’s day-and-age, the Central Intelligence Agency is known for their spying. The CIA is tasked with gathering and analyzing information from around the world that has to do with national security. They have agents or spies located around the globe, observing what is happening and transmitting the information back to the agency. The CIA then reports to the Director of National Intelligence who conveys the data to the President and Cabinet.
After concluding all my research, I believe throughout the bout of the War of the Roses, Sun Tzu’s philosophies with regards to spying and espionage were incorporated. There were many similarities that proved Richard, the Duke of York—as well as Edward III and Richard III—and Henry Tudor of house Lancaster followed Sun Tzu’s advice in the dealing of spies in order to aide in their struggles to claim the English throne. They believed that using spies was a necessity. As Sun Tzu would express it, “Spies are a most important element in water, because on them depends an army 's ability to

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