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Prepare for Trading Series #1 - Motivation

Trading for any decent period of time is hard, really hard.
If you want to trade to make a difference in your and your loved ones lives it is critically important to prepare for this hardship.
An excellent point to start is to think about your motivation to trade. You would also like to keep that motivation going for a long period of time, seeing that trading is not only hard but also potentially very lucrative over time.
To be clear, we aren’t currently concerned with goals and “how to succeed” at trading forex. Trading goals and implementing processes to achieve those goals aren’t motivation. That follows on being motivated to trade. There are different ‘levels’ of trading
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Something you might feel in your bones.
I absolutely didn’t want to just make a small shift and stay in the industry I had been for a few years. I had a longstanding interest in the stock market and more recently at that time in online trading and decided to have a close look seeing that I had some funds from the sale of my shares to use to trade. The basics were in place to potentially “make it work”.
So I jumped!
Time warp to 2015. There is absolutely no chance that I could ever have foreseen the 17 year road I had been following since I started trading in 1998. I was really motivated to make a break and do something different.
I quickly realized that one of the benefits of trading was that you just didn’t have the BS that comes with other businesses. BS like personnel, partners, clients, shareholders and the unimaginable amounts of stress they can cause if things begin to unravel / go wrong.
I also realized there are huge negatives. One being that although we know about “the markets” we basically have no clue what is what. And, it is not easy to figure out in a hurry. What to do? Who to believe? What training to take and pay for? Who is a con man? Who is real? Even if he is real, is it useful to me? Fundamentals? Technicals?
Global markets? What does that mean? Is it important or not? I am sure it is the kind of questions you currently have or recently had about forex trading. Uncertainty is overwhelming. Let me

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