John Whitman Brave New World Analysis

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Between “Jon” and Brave New World seem to both point to something essentially human that cannot be replaced by technology. Our human nature that responds to the world in an animalistic way as these texts and their symbolism point out cannot be filled or silenced. The literature clearly asks us to compare ourselves and to redefine what being civilized really is since the citizens of both the World State and the Facility are supposed to be refined and civilized but their actions and words are completely oppressive and barbaric and leave the audience to assume that they are in danger or already are less civilized by the modernization and tamperings with the natural world for human gain.
To find a truth within ourselves the reflection on nature is necessary. It is something Both John and Jon did to see clearly the life that they live. Walt Whitman demonstrates yet another way to understand our place and meaning with reference to nature. Whitman’s poem, A NOISELESS Patient Spider, offers us imagery of what a soul's job looks like with a small insignificant spider tossing his web into the air trying over and over again until it catches and he is able to create a web for survival. Whitman creates two stanzas of the same length for us to reference back and forth one another and see the similarities of our experience finding
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We have separated ourselves from nature incrementally to find happiness, control, and stability in our environment. Humans have used technology to progress at an exponential rate that is causing culture and societal shifts science fiction has addressed and warned its audiences of inevitable dangers. Using science fiction to reflect on modern culture and society is often prophetic to a degree, encouraging readers to acknowledge an exaggerated possible outcome of cultural patterns. Walt Whitman demonstrates yet another way to understand our place and meaning with reference to

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