Vygotsky 's Concept Of Zone Of Proximal Development Essay

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Jean Piaget is one of the most commonly associated theorists for cognitive constructivism and believes that learning is experiential (Handsfield, 2016, p. 39). Moreover, cognitivist constructivists believe that people accommodate and assimilate knowledge into their mental structures through experience and internalization of new knowledge. Lev Vygotsky is one of the commonly associated theorists of social constructivism and believes that social contexts impact learning through a process of semiotic mediation (Handsfield, 2016, p. 57). Furthermore, Vygotsky argues that knowledge becomes internalized in cultural communities through this process of semiotic mediation (p. 58). Handsfield (2016) states, "Vygotsky is widely known for his concept of zone of proximal development (ZPD)" and continues by stating, "psychologists and educators can account not only for learning that has already taken place but also for processes of learning that are currently in a state of development" (p. 58). For example, a cognitive constructivist may have a child learn through discovery learning, where the child must problem solve by using their own experiences and existing knowledge in order to learn new information and build on what is already known. A social constructivist may have assist a child through the zone of proximal development, where they continue to work with the child through more advanced ideas that the child would not be able to complete, just yet, on their own.…

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