Voting Of The United States Essay

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Other studies have included controlling variables like culture. That being said electoral systems seem to have the upper hand. The United States is a great model here as it is very diverse. In recent years, semi-proportional election are occurring for local elections. On the other hand plurality elections are not as competitive as proportional elections. (Bowler, S., Brockington, D., & Donovan, T., 2001)
Voting costs in the United States. It is not always just money. Anyone who wants to vote must register to vote. Voting booths are only in certain places so, there is the traveling cost. The waiting line is likely to be very high. That costs time. Cost is time. At least in terms of reducing the cost of time, recent reforms like absentee voting and vote by mail have helped a lot. By the 2004 presidential election, thirty states in the union had some form of alternative method to the traditional way of voting through paper ballots. Citizens seem to prefer the convenience of not waiting in line for hours to just cast their votes in an election. Besides the financial cost and time cost that could arguably be associated with voting, having the knowledge about the candidates and their respective positions on the key issues facing the nation is one component of cost that voters must endure when it comes to voting. Early voting has reduced this scenario since any information that may come up say three days before the general election would be irrelevant to those who have already…

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