Voice over Wireless Local Area Network Essay

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Voice over Wireless Local Area Network
In this week’s report I will be discussing how voice traffic is went over a typical wireless local network. I will also provide information on what the advantages to using a wireless network, the problems associated with using a wireless network and what are the best solutions in overcoming these issues.
A Wireless Voice network or VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN) is how we send digital voice traffic over a wireless broadband network. The type of wireless set up is basically VoIP sent over a WiFi Access Point. Within the industry this type of VoIP set up is call VoWLAN or WiFi VoIP because it uses the standards set for transporting data by the IEEE 802.11 for wireless technology. In order to use this
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In relation to advantages there are also disadvantages. This technology is only on the ground floor. It does not have the ability to have a constant connection to the network without a WiFi connection like a regular cellular device. The other major disadvantage is network security. The security of any network is always of the greatest importance. This technology is still vulnerable to outside attacks or intruders. “Security is a vital concern in any wireless deployment, but VoWLAN creates new vulnerabilities. Many currently available handsets support only the WEP security standard, which has proven to be insufficient protection against intruders. Intruders may crack a WEP password simply to make free phone calls at your expense, but the goal may also be to access your corporate data.” (Understanding VoWLAN, 2014)
In closing the important information to know about this technology is that it is just getting started within the industry. It may not work for everyone, but it is already doing wonders in the medical field. Hospitals have already deployed VoWLAN in most major cities. This allows Dr. and nurses to communicate quickly which is a major required in this type of field. This technology is here to stay. Will it remain in its current form, I do not think so. With time just like with WiFi itself it will only get

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