Visual Design : Colors As Implements For Deciphering The Film

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Visual Design: Colors as Implements for Deciphering the Film
Set in the bourgeois background, the film Written on the Wind (1956), directed by Douglas Sirk, entertains the audience successfully as a family melodrama by depicting elaborately the intricate love affairs among four young adults in the wealthy oil family, Hadley. However, far more than a mere amusement, the film is a masterpiece of aesthetics in that director Sirk meticulously arranged every single component in the movie and thus established a surreal version of the actual society, inciting people to consider more profoundly about the reality beneath and encouraging them to see through the superficial prosperity to the true essence. The specific use of visual design elements in the Written on the Wind (1956), especially its application of vivid and sharply contrasting colors, drives the plots ahead as well as further decodes the complicated personalities and desires of the characters in the story, reflecting the rise and fall of the “Hadley” clan precisely and thus calling into question about the morbidly materialistic while unfoundedly optimistic American society in the mid-20th century.
In the film, by exhaustively utilizing the symbolic meanings of different colors and dramatically distributing divergent colors to each individual, Sirk succeeded not only in developing the storyline and implying the hidden decadence in terms of various tints, but also in portraying the characters and visualizing their…

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