Visit Of San Francisco 's Union Square And Chinatown Area Essay

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I would often visit San Francisco to visit nearby family. I would also use these opportunities to roam around San Francisco’s Union Square and Chinatown area. It was during one of these excavations that my perspective was opened up to a rather ironic stance that many citizens take about modern political issues.
One afternoon, I stood outside at Union Square after a successful, impulsive shopping trip. I had about thirty minutes left before I was supposed to regroup with my family to embark on our journey home. Rather than leaving early, something compelled me to explore the city more with my remaining time. I began to briskly walk down Geary Street. The street was bustling. Other impulsive shoppers strutted down the far-reaching street, each person taking up twice as much space as they normally would due to the array of shopping bags hanging from their arms. It seemed as if each bag sported a different luxury brand. Indistinct chatter was drowned out by the humming of car engines. Car horns often rang through the air, protesting an oblivious pedestrian’s ability to follow simple crossing signs. The occasional newspaper or flyer, carried by the chilling wind, would hug my lower leg for a brief moment before flying off to wherever airborne litter disappeared to. “Spare change?” a voice called out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the source: a man sitting against the wall of a high end accessories store. I continued walking as his recurring calls blended into the sounds of…

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