Virtual 's Organizational Task Force Essay

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Virtual PD Organizational Task Force To adequately serve the citizens of the county and address the gang and drug related activity in the area the Virtual City Police Department has developed a task force. The task force will be comprised of six divisions dedicated to the investigation of crimes against persons including homicide, sexual assault and robbery. The Virtual City Police Department Task Force will be comprised of the following units Homicide, Sex Crimes, Crimes against Persons, Criminal Gangs, Juvenile, and Narcotics & Vice. The officers comprising the task force are being brought together to extend the reach of the Virtual City Police Department through collaboration between departments. The expectation is that knowledge will be shared as the investigative teams work together to identify, and pursue those participating in gang and drug related activity in the area. As part of the task force each unit will be expected to incorporate investigative techniques associated with organized crime investigations and technology as an additional resource to solve crimes for the community.
Task Force Departmental Units:

Homicide - The homicide unit would provide insight into the behaviors and thought process of violent individuals who commit homicide including domestic violence which can escalate over time resulting in homicide. Officers assigned to the homicide unit will share knowledge of perpetrator types such as intimate partners, or individuals suffering from…

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