Video Game : A New Trend Of Entertainment Essay

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Back in the 1970s, a new trend of entertainment was put out into the public. Many new arcade styled games were created for public to enjoy. This type of gaming caught on, and as time passes so does the technology. By 1985 one of the crowning titles of video game history was published; Super Mario Bros. This is a game that everyone knows, even people who take no part in video games knew what Super Mario Bros was. This was a sensation in video game history, and increased video game popularity immensely. Home video game entertainment blossomed in this era as well. Dozens of companies developed their own consoles, and many of them failed to become popular and died out. Consoles like the (NES) Nintendo Entertainment System 1985, and the Sega Genesis 1988, were the top of their class in that decade. There were many games that were great successes and furthered the popularity of the video game sensation. There is no question that with great increase in popularity, the future generation of gaming would even better. That statement is debatable. Flash forward a couple decades and now it’s the present. The global market in video gaming is worth about $100 billion in revenue. There is a culture of people who are praised for playing games and make money doing it. It is something people never expected, gaming is huge and by some is treated like a major league sport. Even though gaming has gotten popular, there are some glaring issues that it has created in turn.

A huge problem today…

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