Versions Of Native American History Essay

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Bastardized versions of Native American history have been widely accepted within the media, which is often seen from classic Western films to some of our children’s beloved Disney adaptations. Such has caused many of the undereducated to hold a belief that the extent of Native American history is one of rebellion upon horseback while shooting rifles in the air, and attempting to scalp any “white man” who dared trespass onto their defined territory. This could not be further from the truth. Prior to European contact, Native Americans thrived and prospered, and even more, through their ingenuity, they progressed. Such progress could be seen by their adaptation to the ever changing climate, by their highly efficient technology and usage of nature, by the needs of their vastly growing populations, by complexity of their inter-clan relations, and by the individual differences belonging to each clan.
Native Americans are recognized as a widely semi-nomadic type of people. It is understood that the different Native American tribes would often migrate, mainly due to their food resources. A clan would remain in an area until the food levels were diminished, then they would move to another area ample with resources and begin anew, making them semi-nomadic. Very early Native American ancestors from Alaska followed their primary food source, large mammals, as they wandered into North America. As the climate became warmer those larger mammals, such as mammoths, went extinct, leaving the…

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