Using Exhibit 19-2 And Plan The Structure Of Your Course Project

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19.5: Use Exhibit 19-2 and plan the structure of your course project or of a research study you have read about in one of the Snapshots in this text.

Using Exhibit 19-2, the following presentation about the implementation of ICD-10 is based on the necessary components of a long technical report. While healthcare moves forward each day in technology and the administration of treatment and services, the provisions and striving for the care for one another’s health and well-being is not a new concept. God provided regulations and rules for the Israelite nation for health, well-being, and sanitary needs in order to keep His people sanctified and set apart for His good purpose (Leviticus 11-20, NIV 1984). These laws protected Israel from a poor diet, vile contagions, and communicable diseases (Leviticus 3-7, Exodus 15, Deuteronomy 4, NIV 1984). God had a better way to protect his people. While in no way as all-knowing as the Creator, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid developed the ICD-10 codes to improve public health by consolidating health information for better research, understanding trends, reducing epidemics and pandemics, and carrying out the ultimate dispensary of healthcare services for all people.
Executive Summary
Healthcare and the dispensing of targeted care under systematic assessment and diagnostic circumstances are becoming more streamlined with the advent of ICD-10, or International Classification of Diseases and…

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