Use Of Personification And Other Literary Devices Essay examples

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Shakespeare conveys his message of the virtuous in the world being trampled by the evil that subsists through his use of personification and other literary devices. In lines 25-28 Shakespeare likens Lucrece to beauty and honor with the words “Against the golden splendour of the sun; Anexpir’d date, cancell’d ere well begun: Honour and beauty, in the owner’s arms, Are weakly fortress’d from a world of harms” (Shakespeare, 25-28). Lucrece’s morally upright character shone in the light of the sun since she only gave of herself exclusively to her husband; when the night fell however, evil stained the clean soul that Lucrece possesses. Forts can hide purity away from the world, but they can also entrap it as stated by the McAllisters: “Lucrece now imagines her defiled body a ‘blemish 'd fort’" from which she longs to free her tormented soul” (Riley, Dick, and Pam McAllister). Lucrece’s morals led her to see the horror that had occurred for the sin that it was, and as a result she felt she had become a blemished individual analogous to Tarquin. Originally, Tarquin did not want to partake in the crime he committed, but he dismissed any thoughts of morality when he told himself “Hateful it is; there is no hate in loving” (Shakespeare, 240). Like so many other human beings Tarquin found a loophole for what he did so that he would not feel guilty about the crime he committed, giving evil the victory. Not only does Tarquin try to justify his actions, but he flat out refuses to take…

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