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United Parcel Service

By Michael Vida Carmela Miele Salvatore Samà

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St. John’s University Undergraduate Student Managed Investment Fund

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)
Type of Report: Recommendation & Analysis Recommendation:


Date: April 14, 2003

Limit order to buy 175 shares at $55.00 Market order to buy 175 shares

Industry: Transportation - Air Delivery, Freight & Parcel Services Analysts: Michael Vida - Carmela Miele – Salvatore Samà –

Share Data Price - $58.40 Date – April 14, 2003 Target Price - $60.35 52 Week Price Range - $53.00 - $67.10 Market Capitalization - $ 64.644 Billion Shares Outstanding – 1.12 Billion Revenue - $31.272
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UPS relies on its fleet of 88,000 motor vehicles and its 575 jet aircraft to serve the 1.8 million customers it deals with everyday.2 UPS has spent over $12 billion to help improve the technology in its tracking system during the past decade. It currently spends about $1 billion a year more than it spends on vehicles and nearly as much as it does on jet aircraft to continue to update this technology. UPS is also leading the charge into cyberspace and the world of ecommerce, and no company is better position to serve the online community. One of these examples is UPS Document Exchange, an Internet-based, secure document delivery service that allows thousands of businesses to exchange critical business documents, images and software in the real time virtual marketplace. With this and other subsidiaries UPS is certainly prepared for the future in package distribution. Other alliances with the likes of IBM, Oracle, and other technological companies show that UPS is prepared for the future and is willing to take the steps necessary to continue its dominance and growth within the air freight industry. Breakdown of Revenue3 UPS’s revenue is broken down into several different sectors: U.S. domestic package, International package, and non-package. U.S. domestic package accounted for
2000 Statement of Income Data: Revenue: U.S. domestic

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