Unjust Cycle Of Poverty

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Despite there being many problems at hand in the world, one of the biggest injustices that I see in our world today deals with this unjust cycle that a multitude of people face. This cycle is a cycle that the poor has to face, not by choice but by inheriting it, almost like a gene. This is a vicious cycle that takes hold of the lives of many and leaves them out to dry with nothing solely due to their status of wealth or/and their race. What the cycle exactly is a cycle of poverty that has been described as a phenomenon where poor families become trapped in poverty for generations. Many may say, “Why not just end the cycle, or tell them to get a job or something?”. Although it is very easy to say, the cycle isn 't that easy to beat and many …show more content…
I found four different ways to do so that really put into perspective what they were and what the difference between the two were. Charity is the giving of help to those who are in need, while justice is the system which oversees that the concept of moral rightness is applied to a situation when someone has become the aggrieved party. Next, Charity addresses an immediate need, while justice gets to the root of the problem. In other words charity targets the effects of the injustice, while justice focuses on the roots of it. Also, charity offers a direct service to those in need, while justice focuses more on social change. Lastly, charity can be practiced by individuals, governmental and nonprofit organizations, while justice is served usually by the federal courts and government. In the eyes of charity, I focused on two organization. These organizations are Lazarus House, who helps head of households and individuals living in poverty regain their dignity and become self sufficient members of our community by offering emergency shelter, food and clothing to people in crisis and then providing transitional housing, advocacy, health services, education and work preparation to permanently break the cycle of poverty, and Homeboy Industries, who provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. I saw connections to two main aspect of CST in regards to charity, which are Human Dignity, and Option for the Poor and vulnerable, despite seeing a connection to most, even all of the aspects of CST. Human dignity connects because both organizations highlight the significance of the individual and strives to enhance their life in a way in order to make it better

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