United Nations And Its Impact On Human Rights Essay

1142 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
Only in the past century has the international community sought to design rule to promote and protect human rights. Since the United Nations was established in 1945, world leaders have collaborated to categorize human rights in a universally recognized regime of treaties, institutions, and norms. Despite achieving some success through implementation of national and international institutions, significant challenges to promoting and sustaining human rights persist. Thus, in a world where human rights atrocities affect millions and the UN Charter affirms “fundamental freedoms (The United Nations 1948)” while simultaneously upholding other nations cannot interfere with states’ domestic matters, imposing economic sanctions on governments that violate human rights has become increasingly common. Proponents for economic sanctions argue the purpose of these measures is not to punish the target state, but to alter their behavior. In addition, supporters attest economic sanctions are a powerful enforcement tool to decrease human rights violations in individual states (Baek 2008). However, empirical studies continue to reveal the ineffectiveness of coercive measures and evidence shows economic sanctions inflict significant socio-economic and political damage in target countries. Additionally, an international standard of human rights norms may be an imperialist notion of Western ideology. Thus, a moral and economic opposition to imposing economic sanctions on governments who violate…

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