Unit 8 Exercise 1 Active Directory Report

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Assignment Requirements

Respond to the following email:
FROM: Rebop Pakulah, Acme Engineering Company
RE: Pandemonium in the US Office.

Hello most esteemed US computer guru,
Thank you for helping set up our new US office. There are some additional issues that we need help addressing.
Our data center in Timbuktu is very well disciplined. They know not to put on unwarranted software. They work on their computers during office hours, which are 8 to 5, and then they go home. In the US they work all kinds of strange hours – many think they are mushrooms and must work only in the dark. The Internet is now as slow as travel by camel. It should not be that way.
It seems like we have wild, wild west cowboys who work in the US office. They have music blaring out of every cubicle. They have new screen savers every week. The new computers are very slow and they are less than a month old. No one knows why.
What can you suggest to help me?

Thank you!
What considerations would you suggest? Prepare a response to this email.

Submission Requirements
Make a recommendation and justify your reasoning.
Microsoft Word. 1-2 pages.

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Lab 1. Monitoring Services

Assignment Requirements
Follow the directions in the Lab Manual for Lab 10, and complete all Exercises. Answer all the questions.

Submission Requirements
Microsoft Word. 1-2 pages.

Self-Assessment Checklist I followed the directions in the lab manual for all exercises. | * | I submitted answers to all of the questions for this lab. | * | I used critical thinking. | * | I have followed the submission requirements:File Format: Microsoft Word (.doc /.docx)Length: 1-2 pagesFont: Times New Roman 12 point sizeLine Spacing: Double | * |

Unit 10. Assignment 1. Backup Criteria

Assignment Requirements
Choose a hypothetical company, and develop the criteria for a backup plan. You will need to make many assumptions. List those here. * What should a company back up? * What would be the rotation of data? Partial, Full? How many data sets would you have? What kind of history is necessary? What is this dependent upon? * When should the data be taken offsite? * How much data would be lost if the current set in the server room were destroyed? * How long could they be down? What is the most data they could lose electronically and still be able to recover the rest by

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