Unified Field of Accounting Essay

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Unified Field of Accounting Accounting is generally regarded as a mathematical discipline founded on mathematics. However, as the unified field chart created by Maharishi University of management shows, accounting is a Multi-layered discipline founded in the unified field of natural law. Maharishi explains that "cosmic intelligence, absolute intelligence of Natural Law, displaying its infinite managing power in the orderly administration of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding universe." - Yogi, M. M. This absolute intelligence is the foundation of the 6 levels of the Unified Field chart [1] of accounting. It all begins in the unified field where the feedback loop completeness and steps to success are formed followed by the creation of the …show more content…
[1] Accounting for transactions begins with the division of personnel organized in a vertical increase of complexity and responsibility in creating the information required by the economic entities of society. The division of personnel is then followed by the processes, which gather the information necessary to build the final product. With the completion of the accounting for transactions, economic entities are able to achieve the accounting results of prosperity and progress that accurate information should support. [1] “Maharishi’s Master Management comes from Maharishi Consciousness-fully awake, fully alert intelligence of self-referral consciousness—the fully alert, fully awake intelligence within every grain of creation and within the universe as a whole.” – Yogi, M. M. With the support of the unified field the accounting results are the useful information for decision-making, planning and control. [1] This clarity creates prosperity and progress for the economic entities that need the information for the orderly work of capital markets, eradication of poverty, national self-sufficiency and other economic benefits that can increase prosperity and progress. The unified field brings light to any process by highlighting the natural law in any successful system. The accounting of transactions follows a natural flow through the outline of interested members to the

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