Unification And Foreign Affairs Are Vital Concepts That Must Be Addressed When The President Of The United States

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Unification and foreign affairs are vital concepts that must be addressed when the President of the United States is serving in office. Failing to clarify these topics will result in a divided nation, making it difficult for the audience to accept the president’s ideas. In order to clearly present these claims, the president must be able to effectively influence the American people through his use of rhetoric. The evolution of rhetoric from our founding fathers have dramatically molded our nation to who we are today.
In George Washington’s “Farewell Address,” he discusses the importance of preserving the union and to avoid sectionalism in our nation. He cleverly used personal pronouns in this speech to instill a sense of patriotism that will convince the American people to support this idea. Washington uses the word “I” to show his personal beliefs and to humanize himself by closing the gap of authority and citizens. Further along he adds “you” to connect with the audience so they may relate to the argument he is making. Washington finally uses the word “us” to reinforce the idea that the U.S. should be treated as a whole. This mentality pushes the idea that we must preserve the Union and not temper with the political parties. Producing a sense of sectionalism towards the nation will destroy common interest and the national character that America once had. Although this advice was not carefully considered when political parties were formed, Washington still influenced the…

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