Understanding Health And Healthy Living Is Becoming More And More Discussed

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Assessment Task 1: Readings Review

HBS107 – Understanding Health

Matt Smith (215105158)

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Readings Review

The concept of health and healthy living is becoming more and more discussed. But what many Australians don’t realise is that health is not simply levels of physical fitness or proper dieting. There is much more to health than these bodily factors, and these need to be recognised. Wilkinson and Marmot (2003) have identified ten important social determinants of health in their report ‘The Solid Facts’. These aspects intertwine and interact with one another and the individual, in both a positive and negative manner in which ultimately influences one’s overall health status. This paper examines a rising health issue among Australians in 2015: drug abuse. In reference to a news article published in the Herald Sun titled ‘Ice Hits Schools’ (Doherty, 2015), two social determinants are identified: Addiction and Early Life. These determinants will be explained in terms of how they affect and influence the issue of drug abuse and associated health outcomes. Social aspects assist in going beyond face value judgments of health status, and allow Australians to look deeper into what creates good and bad health.

Addiction is the result of the gripping effects of physical…

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