U.s. Foreign Policy During World War II Essay

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The U.S. foreign policy changed more drastically towards interventionism after World War II rather than after World War I because of the country’s national interest, the outcome of each war, and the decisions made by the presidents.
Supporting Idea #1- The U.S. foreign policy changed towards interventionism after World War II because of the country’s national interest after the war.
Evidence #1- The country’s foreign policy relies on the national interest after any war, returning from World War II, the U.S. was a global economic power and it’s national interest was forming a cooperation among member countries, which became the United Nations. The U.S. created an alliance system and supplied billions of dollars to help reinforce European countries who had been struck by the war (Croddy).
Analysis #1- This shows how the national interest of a country shapes its foreign policy and encompasses a wide range of political, economic, and military concerns. As a global power, the United States was also able to take a leadership role and negotiate treaties in order to address international issues.
Analysis #2- In addition it proves how the U.S. foreign policy geared towards interventionism in the late 1940’s because it had a steady income and was able to get involved with foreign countries as opposed to remaining an isolated power.
Evidence #2- Conclusively, it was concern with fascism as a threat that led the American democracy to resort to an era of interventionisms rather than…

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