Essay on Twitter, a Culture Changer

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Twitter, a Culture Change

Twitter has changed the world of social networking. With the help of the ever growing usage of smart phones, twitter is becoming immensely popular. You have instant access to twitter in the palm of your hand. With a number of 500 million users (Lunden), twitter is one the most popular social networking sites and the premium source to stay connected to the world. One can get world news almost instantaneously as it happens. Twitter is creating new worldwide communication. Even television shows are even incorporating twitter into their show as a way to interact with the viewers. Staying connected with your friends and the important people in your life is easier as you can get instant updates of their life as it
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This was a basic introduction and really all you need to know. It can be confusing as a first time user, but very simple and addicting once you get the hang of it.
As for any social networking website, they wouldn’t be were they are today without the help of the ever increasing usage of smart phones. This statement is especially true for Twitter, as a majority of their users use smart phones to access Twitter. An article from CBS news reported that “…the number of smartphones in use worldwide reached 1.038 billion units during the third quarter of 2012.” (Dover) This number is important because it has been reported that “…overall 16% of smartphone owners use Twitter on their phones…” (Smith). 16% of 1.038 billion comes out to be 166,080,000. 166 million users access Twitter through their smart phone. Twitter has a little over 500 million users (Lunden), therefore 33.2 of users or 1/3 of all Twitter users access the site through their smart phones. It’s fair to assume that with out the advancement of smart phones Twitter would have 1/3 less users than what it does today. One may be lead to the think that a person will buy a smart phone just to have instant access to Twitter, because of its popularity. It’s definitely okay to say that increased popularity in smart phones over the pass few years have helped bring Twitter into cultures mainstream.
There is another technology you can say helps promote

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