Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Essay

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Twelfth Night is a story that is written by William Shakespeare. Love is a major topic in the Twelfth Night because many major characters in the story fall in love with each other. In the story, the nature of love does not follow the guidelines of social class. Even though love does not follow these guidelines, the characters in the story still realize what social class they are associated in and it sometimes stops them from seeking out certain characters. There are a few love connections that do defy their social classes. A few examples of the characters that fit this type of love are Malvolio’s love for Olivia and Olivia’s love for Cesario. Another interesting aspect about the “Twelfth Night” is that the nature of love is both a pleasure and a pain. Throughout this story, there seems to be two kinds of love shown which is obsession and loving same gender qualities in the opposite sex.
In contrast to the story revealing that love is not bound to social class, Shakespeare does show that social class still has its importance in the minds of the characters. Malvolio is an exceptional example of a character who loves another in a higher class than he is currently in. Malvolio is simply a head servant of Olivia’s home while she is a noble. Throughout the story he never talks about his love for Olivia until he feels that she sends him a love letter. Maria actually is the one who writes the letter to him as she states “He does obey every point of the letter that I dropped to…

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