Trust Centers On A High School Freshman Named Annie Cameron Essay examples

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The 2010 film Trust centers on a high school freshman named Annie Cameron. She meets a person called Charlie in an online chat room, and over time, she develops a strong relationship with him. Although Charlie originally says that he is sixteen, he gradually increases his age as the two connect. Annie eventually agrees to meet him in person at her local mall, and discovers Charlie is actually a man who is over thirty years old. At first, she is upset about his age, but she agrees to spend some time with him. Charlie takes her to a motel where he rapes her. Following this event, Annie denies the sexual assault, but when the FBI links her case to others, she realizes that she was in fact sexually assaulted. However, Annie then must deal with the emotional aftermath and other consequences. The film shows how the victim is commonly blamed for the attack and demonstrates how pornography helps to perpetuate rape and the culture surrounding it.
Following the attack, people question Annie’s decisions and blame her for the assault. Her father, Will Cameron, asks the FBI agent investigating the case whether Annie screamed for help, and the agent tells him that there was no indication of struggle. Although the agent also goes on to say that this does not mean that a rape did not occur, Will Cameron is visibly distressed and questions why his daughter would not fight against her attacker. Without intending to, Annie’s father has placed part of the blame on her. This is not the only…

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