Essay on Truman Capote 's A Great Story

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Truman Capote had several visits to see Perry while he was in jail waiting to be convicted for the murder of the Clutter family. After reading this essay the reader will find out whether Capotes visits were unethical, or if he just visited Perry so he could have more details for his story. We will go through the three stages where he started to use his emotions to get what he wanted. Those three stages are when Capote uses Perry for his story, the time that Capote and Perry spent together and Capote fell in love with Perry, and when Capote started to not care about his book anymore. Capote used Perry to make a great story. Capote was trying to get details out of Perry, and he did not really even think about the consequences that could come from. As Perry started talking to Capote something hit Capote hard, and he got inspired to write a novel instead of just a short story. Capote could have left his piece as just a story, but he had to go dig deeper into Perry’s life just so he could write a book about it. Perry shared basically everything with Capote with the exception of the night of the incident. Capote took advantage of Perry, so he could write a book that could possibly be a best seller. Perry was in a very vulnerable place. He had just murdered a family, he had a bad lawyer, and he had no one there for him. Capote saw that and jump at the opportunity to get personal details about Perry and what had actually happened the night of the killings. Capote felt like the more…

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