Trulog, The Provan-Tash, Supreme Commander, Within The Slagaven

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Trulog was the Provan-Tash, Supreme Commander, within the Slagaven, an area comprised of four galaxies. Under his command were retlox, fifty warships that he used to rule with an iron-fist. There was no dissention within his ranks and if there was, they were immediately killed and their bodies launched into space, then their families back on the home world of Xneonta, would be exiled to one of the outer work reassignment planets. Trulog was humanoid, tall for someone of his race, huge furry head, small beady dark piercing eyes; a stub of a nose, his mouth was large with an overabundance of teeth, sharp teeth. He had strong heavy shoulders that were also covered in short brownish fur, long heavily muscled arms as well as legs, also covered in the same fur. He wore heavy body armor that covered most of his body, on the armor over his chest was the insignia of his rank as the Supreme Commander. Trulog was a typical physical specimen from Xneonta, what set him apart was the he was smart, devious and ruthless. The planet Xneonta was set in the fourth quadrant in the seventh sector of the Xneonta galaxy. The planet had a population of billions, it was a forested cold dreary place, but it was home. The planet had been invaded time and again by various aliens that captured the Xneontan’s and used them as …show more content…
The movement grew and grew, eventually the movement grew into an Army, and eventually they were able to take back a city by crushing the alien population that had conquered them. They built another Army and moved onto another city and pushed out the aliens. It took a decade for them to accomplish the taking back of their world. But, what they learned over that decade was all of the alien technology, they weren’t able to replicate it yet, that may come with time they

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