Essay Trifles And The Storm By Trifles

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They are many comparisons between the marriages in Trifles and The Storm. In Trifles, the story is that a wife supposedly murdered her husband while he slept. The sheriff, attorney, and their wives go to investigate. The men conclude, but have no proof, that the wife must have murdered her husband. The men continually make comments about how the house was kept and assume the wife could not handle running a household. The wives defend the accused wife and end up concealing possible incriminating evidence. In the story, The Storm, while her husband and son are out, Calixta is maintaining the household and doing chores. A storm appears and the husband and son wait it out at the store. Meanwhile Alcee stops by Calixta’s house for shelter from the storm. Alcee and Calixta use to be lovers but ultimately married other people. As the storm builds, Calixta and Alcee begin to kiss then end up having sex. After the storm is over, Alcee leaves and goes home. Calixta is relieved to see her husband and son when they arrive home. When Alcee arrives home he writes a letter to his wife saying she can have a longer vacation if she wants too. She agrees and is happy she can have some freedom and relax. In the end both Calixta and Alcee are happy. Despite the very different outcomes of the marriages in The Storm and Trifles were similar in some aspects: such as the roles of women in the 19th century, how women were treated, and the differences compared to today’s culture. The differences…

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