Essay on Trials Of The Earth By Mary Mann Hamilton

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Trials of the Earth, a memoir authored by Mary Mann Hamilton, describes the incredible struggle that Mary Mann Hamilton and her family endured throughout the entirety of her life while moving throughout the Mississippi Delta. Throughout the memoir, Hamilton goes into great depth describing the trials and tribulations each year brought to her family and families they met along their journey. This account on life in the Mississippi Delta during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century shows how women were extremely driven and motivated people who strived to accomplish numerous goals. The work Hamilton and countless other women completed inside and outside of the household was invaluable to the continuation and success of the southern family. One piece of work that was vital to the Hamilton family and other men in the work camps was the cooking she completed. Throughout the entire memoir, Mary Mann Hamilton describes how great of a cook she is and how much cooking she does. Without her cooking, the Hamilton family may not have been able to survive in the Mississippi Delta. While living in Arkansas at the beginning of the memoir, Hamilton describes that she was cooking for over 115 men at one point. It was extremely important that she cooked for all of these men to keep the operation they were running active. The men that she cooked for also respected the work she did for them. Mary Mann Hamilton acted like a mother to those men…

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