Transportation System Of A Human Body Essay

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A world without traffic jams or congested highways would be the dream to most people. Getting in a car that would take the passenger anywhere without them having the fear of being involved in an accident on the way. Never waiting in traffic again. Fewer accidents. No such thing as ‘impaired drivers’. This dream is envisioned by a man named Wanis Kabbaj. He gave a TED talk about the possibility of Nations around the world changing their transportation system and road networks. Not only changing them, but forcing them to jump into the future. He does this by first discussing how the people have tried to fix the transportation system, then he goes into comparing the vascular system of a human body, and finally he gives how he feels the roadways should be fixed and improved. First off, Wanis speaks about how people tried to fix the roads and highway system, but it ultimately gets overwhelmed and fails also. He says, “For decades, our remedy for congestion was simple: build new roads or enlarge existing ones. And it worked. It worked admirably…” (Kabbaj 2:11). In this he says that people have always just built new roads or made them bigger, but he goes on to explain that this cannot continue. He exclaims that, “But in more established urban centers, significant network expansions are almost impossible: habitat is just too dense, real estate, too expensive and public finances, too fragile” (Kabbaj 2:11). Wanis is saying that Nations are running out of money to…

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