Transportation Has A Central Bearing On Public Health Essay

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Transportation has a central bearing on public health. In the recent years, there has been a major concern on the rising cost of health care across the world. Statistics indicate that over 40 percent of the provincial budget in the United States is allocated to the health care sector. The cause and ways to mitigate diseases has been of great importance to policy makers. In fact, research indicates that a large extent of the diseases which pause a threat to public health are chronic and can be mitigated and even prevented through putting in place sound measures. Of all the factors that impact public health, transportation comes off as eminent. Transportation systems determine the manner in which a community is set up including access to healthcare, safety, physical activity and the overall environment. As a matter of fact, individuals base their decision in regard to where to live or work on the transportation system available, something that has a panoptic impact on the population’s health (Litman, 2013). By and large, it is arduous to exhaustively estimate the impact of transportation on public health but ample evidence demonstrates that indeed poor transportation policies can be devastating to the public’s health. It is against this backdrop that policy makers in the transportation sector have come to appreciate the importance of encompassing the health consequences of their policy decisions. Distinctly, diseases and circumstances that are life-threatening to the public…

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