Transformation In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And The Witches

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In the Children’s literature of fantasy, the process of self-discovery and the identity formation is the dominant part of the story. In both Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Roald Dahl’s The Witches, the reality is cautiously constructed to help children with their biggest fear of growing up. Transformation can be found in many different forms, Alice and The Boy experienced both biological changes and psychological changes. Their changes and reaction towards the transformation are different, yet there is one thing in common which is, their essence remains. Changes in Children’s literature can be interpretation many different things like age, maturity, obstacles in life and much more. In this essays refer changes as the process …show more content…
He changes not only form but species into a mouse which is vile creatures. On the other hand, Alice from The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland changes in different sizes during her stay in the Wonderland. The Boy is caught by the Grand High witch during the meeting as a punishment he turns into a mouse. The Boy understand that his metamorphosis is inevitable as when he is dodging the witches he said the witches are “watching me and knowing for certain that there was no way I could escape” (112) The Boy realise that he cannot escape change and even if he tries, it is useless as change will catch him. The witches are portrayed as growing up are portrays in Dahl’s world, that no children can escape her and the witches will hunt you down. The Boy’s grandmother paves the way for the Boy to prepare for the process of growing up with the details of the witches in the chapter of A note about Witches and My Grandmother. Having the preparation of changing the boy is confident with his changes and “feeling quite remarkably well.” (117) On the contrary, Alice has no idea about the Wonderland, everything in the Wonderland is “curiouser and curious.” (21) Inside this nonsense world, Alice gets loss about who she really is after a few changes of her size in

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