Transform Boundaries Essay

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Transform boundaries (Conservative) occur where two lithospheric plates slide, or grind past each other along transform faults. Transform faults never create plates or crusts neither do they destroy them. When two transform faults move in different directions against each other, it causes friction. It may also cause a strong earthquake. These earthquakes are created due to the movement of the plates. The energy made by the moving plates is stored and when it cannot be held any longer it is unleashed. This results to an earthquake. There are three earthquake fault types, which are all transform plates. They are strike-slip, reverse or thrust, and normal fault. A strike slip fault is when two faults slide past each other horizontally. An example …show more content…
Continental collision is caused when on large land mass converges into another but not subductive. This often causes huge mountain ranges at the collision. An example of this is India colliding into Asia causing the Himalayan mountain range which is still growing. When two continental plates converge and one subducts, it forms a mountain range. The least dense plate subducts underneath the denser one. This is caused by the displacement of the Earth’s crust when one of the plate subducts. The matter in the displaced crust goes up due to the energy caused by the movement of the plates. This causes “bumps” on the Earth’s crusts which are mountains. Some new convergent boundaries have small “bumps” which are hills. There are a lot of mountain ranges caused because of this such as the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Range. When an oceanic plate and a continental plate converge, the oceanic plate will always subduct because it is less dense. When this happens it causes volcanoes to form. This happens due to the oceanic plate subducting into the continental plate, when this happens the magma rises onto the crust forming new volcanoes. This process may even form volcanic islands. In this process a trench may even be formed. An example of this is the Ring of Fire. Around the Ring of Fire, there are many plates, volcanoes, trenches, and major earthquake zones. These plates have made the landforms and the popular ring of fire. Many scientific studies on plates are made around the Ring of Fire since very little is known about plate boundaries and many other scientific related things. When two oceanic plates converge the often force down and the less dense one is underneath. This forms trenches. The oceanic plates, both force deeper downwards forming an underwater

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