Essay about Transcending The Norm, Throughout Time

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"Transcending the Norm, Throughout Time" Society is always about conforming. To "fit in", there is a certain way one must dress, a particular activity one must enjoy doing, and ways one must act. Society is obsessed with normality and conforming to what everyone else is doing. Transcendentalism is a movement that seeks to do what the normal society considers shocking: break the mold. This movement has been going strong since the early 1800 's, and continues in some form to this day.Transcendentalism is all about overcoming society, breaking the mold, and doing what the individual thinks is right, not necessarily society. People such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Martin Luther King Jr, and films such as Dead Poet 's Society, and even the newly released Lego Movie (Yes, seriously), have exemplified transcendentalism in their work and the message they convey to people. Ralph Waldo Emerson is a household name. His name is synonymous with great literary work. As one of the pioneering transcendentalists, naturally he began thinking this way very young. His father, a Unitarian minister, died of tuberculosis when Ralph was eight years old, and replaced by Mary Moody Emerson, his very strict Calvinist aunt. The Emerson family was incredibly strict, and his entire life was planned from the start. Like eight generations before him, he was to become a Unitarian minister at Harvard. He began studying at Harvard at 14. After graduation, he took a…

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