Transcendentalism In Henry David Thoreau's Walden

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Indeed, Henry David Thoreau’s Walden is considered to be a classic in American literature after analyzing the themes and symbols it is apparent why this novel is so popular. Research of the novel focuses solely on the key elements to Walden. Which are transcendentalism and the symbolism constantly being repeated throughout the work. Specifically, the research covers Thoreau’s cabin, transcendentalism, and other symbolic references. Consequently, Thoreau’s cabin is considered to be sacred ground amongst transcendentalists. The cabin is so sacred to them that they kept it around as a landmark. The cabin is a popular vacation spot for visitors, it is on exhibit accompanied by a statue of Thoreau.
In the spring of 1845 Thoreau begins construction
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Transcendentalism is a way of thinking related to learning about how people think that strongly defends the extreme importance of the spiritual over the material. It is where people have knowledge about themselves and the world around them that transcends or goes beyond what they can hear, taste, see, touch or feel. This knowledge does not come through logic or senses, but through intuition and imagination. Transcendentalism puts the focus on spiritual growth and understanding instead of worldly pleasures. This concept is the primary muse for Thoreau writing Walden. Thoreau used this experiment to transcend to another level with God. That is extremely significant because Emerson and Thoreau were the first men of their time to attempt to accomplish this.
Also, symbolism is another important concept in the novel. Thoreau uses many symbols to help articulate his points on transcendentalism better. He believed that nature was a metaphor for spiritual understanding. A walk in the woods therefore was a search for spiritual understanding. Thoreau 's masterpiece, Walden, shows the impact transcendentalism had in Thoreau 's opinion of the world. Thoreau 's idea of transcendentalism stressed the importance of nature and being close to nature. He is not only a good observer of nature, but also a good advocate of spiritual
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It symbolizes the other choice to, and withdrawal from, social conventions and responsibilities or duties. It also symbolizes the peacefulness and energy of nature. A hint of the symbolic meaning of the pond lies in two of its aspects that fascinate Thoreau: its depth, rumored to be infinite, and its pure and reflective quality. Thoreau is so fascinated by the question of how deep Walden Pond is that he plans a new method of plumbing the depths to measure it himself. Thinking why people rumor that the pond is bottomless, Thoreau offers a spiritual explanation: humans need to believe in infinity. He hints that the pond is not just a natural important thing, but also a metaphor for spiritual

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