Martin Luther King's Heroic Significance

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Dr. King’s Heroic Significance
In a time where racial injustice filled the streets of every state in America, African-American citizens were discriminated solely due to the color of their skin. A hero was needed, not only for African-Americans, but for all races in the country. Martin Luther King’s courage and strong belief of justice allowed the civil rights movement to leave an everlasting positive impact on today’s society. Although Dr. King’s life was cut short, his ideology continued to live on and still affects us today. From being a nation that was divided, Dr. King was a hero that brought everyone together in equality.
As stated previously, Dr. King has played an important role in today’s society, so the question remains, how did
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King’s “I have a dream,” he further explained why all humans, regardless of their skin should be treated equal. “Ordinary people became stronger and more courageous when they found a leader such as King. The emergence of King was critically important in intensifying black protest” (The Making of Martin Luther King.) Not only does this quote depict him as a leader, it develops the idea of King being a hero. Without King’s guidance and leadership, the civil rights movement would’ve ultimately lost. In the source, (The Papers of Martin Luther King.) The text primarily focuses upon Dr. King and his heroism. It goes on to explain how King’s heroism was his strong resistance to oppression. As a great American hero, Dr. King was able to answer the needs of all races, this allowed him to remake the moral and social practice of race in America. King’s wish of wiping out racial oppression was truly remarkable as he truly believed together we could all reach racial harmony. “Even Reagan a disbeliever had signed the bill into law making Dr. King’s birthday a national holiday” (The Papers of Martin Luther King.) The significance of King’s birthday becoming a national holiday meant his work impacted the country in such a …show more content…
For all his heroic deeds with the Civil Rights Movement, King was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1964 for his fight against racial discrimination in America. As a true hero, King had selflessly laid down his life in order to make sure changes were made in a society still trying to hang on to the practices of their slave master predecessors. King not only taught us to conquer our fears, but to use it as motivation. Nothing is unachievable if one truly believes they can make change. To many of those who felt repulsed towards racial discrimination, they will forever remember the hero, Dr. Martin Luther King

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