Lament Poem Analysis

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How is the theme of tragedy presented in Lament and MId- Term Break?

The poem lament is a famous poem written by Gillian Clarke. She was born in Wales and she was a poet but also a playwright, editor, and a translator. The poem lament is about the gulf war, which happened in August 1990 to February 1991. This is when Iraq invaded Kuwait; soon the USA and UK interfered by bombing Iraq. The word lament is an elegy this word is an expression that is used to show sorrow or grief. The title of the poem is Lament; the writer did this purpose as the poem is related to lamented people, events, creatures and other things that were hurt in the war. This poem reveals the different effects and the burdens faced by the people and the world.

Mid-Term break is poem that is written by Seamus Heaney, He is a great poet, playwright and a lecture; he has also won the Nobel Prize in literature. The poem is in subject to the death of his younger brother. It is a
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This is a metaphor used by Clarke; the word funeral is used to describe the black colored oil spill that is caused by the Gulf War. In this stanza she reveals the affected things although she still does not talk about the human affects from the oil spill that is caused by the war. “For the ocean’s lap with its mortal stain” this is also a good example of the use of metaphor. In this quote War is described as a stain, which symbolizes a scar that is left on the world, which is damaging or killing it thing around it. With the use of the word mortal it gives us a clear understanding of death and how everything is mortal, a sense of tragedy and perturbation. We can clearly see this also when she says “veiled sun” this is used to mention the pollution that is caused by the war and from the bombing. This gives us a perception that the sun is being hidden away and all the “ stink and anger” is left in the

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