Essay about Toronto Ultimate Club

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The Toronto Ultimate Club

Alison Sutherland

BUSI 3334

March 11th, 2013

Table of Contents
1.0 Problem Statement3
2.0 Situational Analysis3
2.1 SWOT Analysis4
3.0 List of Alternatives6
4.0 Choice and Rationale8
5.0 Implementation and Control 8

Problem Statement:

Toronto Ultimate Club is located in Toronto, Ontario, and is an organization that focuses on growing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee by offering leagues in the Toronto area. Since the development of their strategic plan two years ago; memberships had stopped declining, but TUC’s general manager, was still not satisfied with the organizations growth.
Other for-profit clubs have been claiming a growing portion of the market, and the general manager of TUC knew
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* It costs $800 to register a team, and each team required at least 12 players to have an active TUC membership * The company solely depends on volunteers to operate. * Difficult to obtain field space at a reasonable cost * Fiscal operating budget for 2008 was roughly around $500,000 * With the sport growing, maintaining a good understanding of ‘Spirit of the Game’ was an ongoing challenge for TUC * Each TUC sponsored team was responsible for 200 to 300 hours of volunteer work.

Opportunities: * Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a population over 5 million * Ultimate Frisbee leagues existed for all different skill levels, from novice recreational leagues to competitive, elite-level touring leagues. * Summer months (May through August) are by far the busiest for Ultimate Frisbee * Lower cost for playing Ultimate Frisbee compared to other sports, such as hockey, soccer, or football. * Continue to grow relationship with local schools * Ultimate Frisbee is the best sport for individuals of all backgrounds; giving TUC a large and diverse target market with Toronto being one of the most multicultural cities in the world. * Ultimate Frisbee is an attractive post-workplace source for young professionals.

Threats: * As a large city, Toronto

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