Toronto Soundscape Analysis

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Introduction When visualizing the Toronto soundscape, it is inevitable to picture it without considering the plethora of accents and languages of people from culturally dominated areas. I had the chance to attend a music and dance performance reflective of the diversity of the world’s traditions but also reflective of Toronto’s multiculturalism. The event took place at the Lula Lounge on March 5th, 2016, where I saw the band ‘Salsotika’ perform classic 80s and 90s salsa. In relation to the performance I experienced, the goal of this essay will be to demonstrate how salsa migrated to Toronto and its contribution to Toronto’s cityscape. Since the boom in immigration helped with the expansion of salsa, I will examine the performance by comparing …show more content…
Regardless of the debate, salsa is part of Toronto’s soundscape. Like the meaning of salsa — the mixture of sound — the people find a mixture of reasons to delve into experiencing salsa. For this reason, I believe that Toronto’s multicultural and growing diversity provides a foundation for the versatile sound of salsa to grow and adapt. The flexible term is so malleable that anyone can integrate salsa into their own cityscape. Salsa therefore, in Toronto represents just another piece of the cultural mosaic; it is a symbol of Canada. Salsa means different things to different people. The word means literally 'sauce ', and reflects the mixing of musical cultures that has taken place over the years. In this way, there is a salsa soundscape, that each person delves into and adapts to fit their own musical soundscape within the city of Toronto. Write a paragraph on the musical soundscape of Toronto and how this is one piece of the puzzle o the Toronto soundscape, that people experience in a multicultural society. The definitions provided by prominent salsa musicians show the subjective aspect of salsa. For instance Willie Colon states that ‘Salsa is not a rhythm, it 's a concept,’ whereas Gerardo Rosales believes that ‘Salsa is a rhythm, is a reality.’ LAstly, to Eddie PAlmieri, salsa is ‘my entire life, it 's like religion’. This shows how anyone can relate to salsa in their own

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