To What Extent Was the Reconstruction a Failure? Essay

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Question: To what extent was the Reconstruction a failure?

Reconstruction was the period directly after the end of the Civil War (1865-1877). This era was a necessary time for the United States to restore the divided nation. The eleven rebel states that had been defeated leaving the government unsure weather to punish or pardon them. In Reconstruction era, the three goals emerged from the federal government: rebuild the South, provide and protect freedman’s rights, and unify the nation. At the end of time period, only one came out successful, the physical unification. However, the other two goals lacked success.

The most difficult transition for the South was after the Emancipation
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His plan involved swearing alliance to the United States to be pardoned, void secession, abolish slavery or accepting the 13th amendment, and repudiate the Confederates’s debt.

other. At the time of the reconstruction, the southerners were extremely bitter towards the federal government and Republicans, which was most of the North,

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