Timothy Treadwell Self Reliance Summary

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A Transcendental Grizzly

What is nature? Is it the river or lake? Or is it the trees and grass? For Transcendentalists it's much more. Transcendentalism connects to the deepest roots of nature. It's taking in the beauties of the world , it’s not yielding to society's mores, but instead leaving the orthodox routine of life, and escaping to live deliberately, spiritually, and hand in hand with nature at its purest. Many men and women leave their mundane life in the cities to follow this ideal, to seek out reason, and get back to their roots to see true nature. Timothy Treadwell was one of many who attempted to go back to the wilds, but one who captured the concept of Transcendentalism beautifully. Treadwell connected with his bears on a spiritual
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Whether it be personality or just their way of life, they don’t follow society's standards of what a person should be or do. Emerson wrote in his essay “Self Reliance” about nonconformity, he wrote, “What I must do is all that concerns me, not what people think”(25). This shows how transcendentals think about themselves. The don’t connect themselves to trivial human matters. Instead they live as themselves. They may seem weird or odd to us, but they don’t care what other people think of them. Their journey is all about their spiritual growth within themselves. Timothy Treadwell is a man with many quirks, but he doesn’t care that other people think him crazy. He’s living his life the way he wishes. For example, Treadwell said, “I want rain. I want, if there's a God, to kick some ass down here. Let's have some water! Jesus boy! Let's have some water! Christ man or Allah or Hindu floaty thing! Let's have some F#@king water for these animals!” (Grizzly Man). In this scene of the movie Treadwell, though claiming to not be religious, yells to the heavens for rain. He does so in such a way that many humans, if they were around, would find him a crazy loon. Treadwell doesn’t care however, as he really is just caring for the animals he wishes to take care of. He’s not society's definition of normal by any means. Another example of Treadwell being …show more content…
Whether they believe they are the superior species or if they’re equal to other animals. Some people find their peace in a daily routine, others find their peace in nature away from life's daily procedure. In these modern times people need transcendentalism more than ever, but due to its label as “out of the ordinary”, people find themselves falling into a daily rut they’re unable to get out of. People need to find a reason for their life, and it can often be found in being a selfless human being, such as Timothy Treadwell who gave his life protecting the bears in wild alaska from poachers. Timothy found himself in Alaska, he strayed from normal life, and connected to nature on many levels. Timothy Treadwell found out what nature meant to him, he found his transcendental experience with the bears, and he died doing what he loved, at peace with himself. Which creates the question, what does Nature mean to

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