Virginian Luxuries Dbq

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1) What relationships of power are featured in “Virginian Luxuries” (Document 1)? How is unequal power relationships reflected in Tocqueville’s distinctions between the three races (Document 2)? What future does Tocqueville predict for these groups of people and why? Based on your own knowledge, how accurate do you believe Tocqueville’s observations and predictions were? 1) In the portrait, Virginian Luxuries (Unknown, 1800), it is possible to detect and define the roles of those two-man races in America in a previous time. The painting is identified to the time of slavery (1619-1865) and inequality of positions between Negros and white. Also, there is gender role in the picture. Furthermore, the picture presents the black men who worked in crop fields are underprivileged of their human rights and they are used by their land owner. In the case of women, the picture represents that she is used as well to satisfying the owner. Finally, the unknown painter detailed the face of white men in a very proper way whereas the face of black men and the female seems …show more content…
In his speech before his rising to the administration, he upheld for the abolition of slavery. In the Peoria Speech (Lincoln, 1854) Lincoln was talking about how slavery wasn't right and should have been nullified. He brought up that he perceived that the southerners had not presented slavery. He gave them credit by saying that were the issue of slavery to end up noticeably an issue at the time, the present era of southerners would not have presented it. He accepted, nonetheless, the way that the present era of southerners had not presented slavery did not mean they couldn't stop it. He trusted it was their duty to get rid of an inhuman method. To effectively express his idea, he stressed that he held no evil rationale against the southerners and he trusted that both the southern and northern individuals were

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